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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 187
Season Six

Now Draz is out in the real world he wants to up his income, and is none-too-pleased when D'espo refuses to reward him with more hours and a pay rise at the Shark Pool. Draz finds himself hitting the sidewalk in search for a better job, but it ain't as easy as he expected and he finds himself faced with the notion of becoming just another statistic of youth unemployment. After much prodding by Anita, he finally accepts that he's not going to get a job tomorrow, and goes on the dole, and D'espo revels in labelling him a bludger, a burden on society. Just when it looks like there's no hope of Draz ever finding a job, Katherine Baker, from Newslink turns up with a film crew, wanting to follow Draz's search for employment - a chance to show the public just how hard it is out there for young people to find work. Draz is into it, and D'espo gets a serve for being a shonky employer. When Draz's story goes to air, he's painted as the struggling hero of hard times and the job offers start flowing in. D'espo offers him his job back but Draz tells him to stick it where the sun don't shine - the Shark Pool is small-time, he's moving onto bigger and better things.

Carson, the new school principal, has arrived at Hartley. And he's full of pedantic, pre-historic rules, the first of which is no kissing in the school yard. The kids are determined to get up stuffy old Carson's nose and Lee comes up with the idea of a staging a kiss-fest - nothing to do with his desire to get closer to Gem, of course. But the kiss-fest back-fires and Lee finds himself on suspension for the rest of the day. To further reinforce his power, Carson introduces another archaic rule - segregation of boys and girls in the classroom. Gem incites the others to unite against Carson once again, but Lee wimps out and loses Gem's respect. He does, however, find a way to win it back when a Shakespeare class gives him an idea of how to throw Carson's segregation rule back in his face, without threat of punishment. Carson is forced to revoke his rule when it looks like Lee and Dennis, as a very unconventional Romeo and Juliet, might share a kiss. Gem is impressed and Lee finds himself in the running for her affections once again.

above: Dennis and Lee taunt Jackie

Thania makes a surprise comeback to school, and with a new ambition - to study hard and get good enough marks to do psychology at uni. Meanwhile, Jackie Kassis, the new science teacher has arrived to find her science class is way too big. Jackie is determined to do a good job of teaching and the class size bothers her - especially when she learns that several students haven't enrolled. Including Thania, and new student, Zac. Jackie can take only one more student and decides that a test will have to determine who wins the place. Thania wants that place - she needs to take the class to get into uni. But Zac is equally, if not more, determined. He has his heart set on a career in sound engineering and needs science to be eligible for the course. Zac is crestfallen when Thania tops the test, and Thania realises how much it means for him to be able to take the class. It's up to Thania to bring justice to the situation - and she passes that test too, with flying colours.

above: Zac asks for help from Thania

above: Principal Carson makes his debut

above: Drazic now on the dole

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