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above: Drazic feeling cheated

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 188
Season Six

Thanks to Katherine Baker and Newslink, Draz has lined up an interview for a job as desk captain at a classy hotel. Draz's future in the hospitality industry looks set and he buys Anita a present to mark his future wealth and success. The Newslink crew continue to film his progress and are present at the interview when Draz is told he's landed the job. But things take a turn when the manager assumes Draz is willing to take his eyebrow ring out for the job. Draz says he didn't realise that was a prerequisite and turns the job down. Anita is concerned but Draz isn't worried - there were plenty of other job offers, he'll just pick something else. But when Draz's story goes to air, he ends up looking like the dole bludger from hell. Draz's anger escalates when people start recognising him in the street as the guy who doesn't want to work. When Katherine turns up on his doorstep, Draz slams the door in her face. But she convinces him to let them do one more story with him - give him a chance to explain. Draz tells his side of the story - the eyebrow ring is part of his identity, he doesn't think people should compromise who they are because of someone else's image hang-ups. Katherine is impressed - but can Draz be bought? She offers him five thousand bucks to take his eyebrow ring out permanently. Will Draz redeem himself with the public and refuse the money? Or will he accept it, and prove himself the selfish loser they expect him to be?

Lee implores Dennis to show some respect when he finds him leering at Gem from across the yard. When Dennis suggests that neither of them has a chance with Gem, anyway, Lee refuses to entertain the thought that Dennis might be right. Meanwhile, in history class, Carson has brought out the stocks to demonstrate medieval forms of punishment, and no one questions his capability of introducing them to control the kids. Lee works up the courage to ask Gem out but, as much as he wishes it were, assures her it's not a date. Dennis sees them getting along well and can't believe Lee could be in with a chance. When he tells Lee he'll probably die a virgin, Lee implies that he's already taken care of that. Dennis is stunned - Lee and Gem? It can't be. But he spreads the rumour anyway. Gem wonders why she's being subjected to sideways-glances in the school yard but it soon becomes painfully clear. Painful for Lee, anyway, who ends up in the stocks, confessing his sins to an unsympathetic public. Will Gem forgive him? Or is that just another one of his fantasies left unfulfilled?

above: D'espo enjoys seeing Draz suffer

D'espo's advertising for a new canteen assistant and Thania is the perfect candidate - in more ways than one. D'espo is being excessively charming and Zac tries to convince Thania that it's not only the customers D'espo expects her to serve. Initially, Thania doesn't believe him, but when D'espo turns up to the canteen with flowers and starts serenading her, her suspicions are aroused. Despite warnings from Carson to back off, D'espo continues to woo his new assistant, convinced that his feelings are mutual. He even offers her a job at the Shark Pool. Thania tells Zac she's torn - she really wants the work but she doesn't want to give D'espo the wrong idea. Zac tells her she's entitled to work somewhere without expecting to be sexually harassed. But the situation works itself out when, after a hard nights work, D'espo turns out the lights and makes his move, only to find he's caressing the wrong person. Thania makes it clear she wants nothing more than a working relationship and D'espo finally accepts it. Everything is back to normal and D'espo treats Thania like he would any other employee... like a slave.

above: Lee and Gem get annoyed with Dennis

above: Thania resists D'espo's charms

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