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above: Dennis in trouble - again

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 189
Season Six

Zac's old man, Owen, is working his son pretty hard at his stone masonry workshop. As far as Owen's concerned, keeping the family business afloat is more important than going to school. When Zac turns up late for school, Carson reprimands him. In the meantime, Lee enlists Zac to help him operate his four-track recording machine - he could use someone who's good with sound. Zac gives Lee a hand after school and gets a blast from Owen when he gets back late to the workshop. Zac lies to Owen, telling him he got a detention for turning up late to school. Owen visits Carson the following day to discuss whether or not to pull his son out of school - after all, why waste the time when there's a secure job waiting for Zac at the stone masonry? Carson tells Owen that's a decision he'll have to make with his son. But Owen takes it upon himself and makes the decision himself. When he surprises Zac with the news that the business just landed a huge job that'll put them back in the red, Zac can't shatter Owen's dream by telling him he wants to finish school and become a sound engineer. Lee implores Zac to tell Owen the truth but Zac can't do it. Particularly when Owen changes the business name to 'Croft and Son'. Zac accepts his fate at the stone masonry and leaves school.

Draz is doing it tough in the financial department but he's too proud to accept money from Anita. Life gets worse when the cops pull him up on the street and make him their number suspect for a bag-snatch that happened in the area. Draz gives the cops attitude and finds himself being constantly harassed for a crime he did not commit. He's appalled when Anita suspects him herself - after all, he gave her a present and wouldn't tell her where he got the money. Draz continues to protest his innocence. He's not backing down. And neither are the cops. Justice finally prevails when the real bag-snatcher is caught, but Anita gives Draz something else to think about. He's bound to run into trouble if he keeps hanging out on the streets, stays jobless, and has no real future to work towards. Draz gets her drift and decides the best thing he can do for himself is to return to school.

above: Drazic in trouble - again

Dennis is being his usual insubordinate self and Carson is not impressed. Carson gets an idea of how to control Dennis' wild behaviour, and suggests he might benefit from becoming a student representative - a little responsibility might just turn Dennis around. Dennis tries the notion out on his classmates and gets laughed at hard. He decides he's got what it takes and tells Carson he'll accept the appointment. The power goes to his head and Dennis turns into the student rep from hell. Apart from torturing junior students with laborious playground duties, Dennis makes like hard for his own friends. It's not until he finds himself completely frozen out, that Dennis finally realises what a prat he's been... and goes back to being the old annoying Dennis Carson abhors - and the rest of us love and adore.

above: Zac the stonemason

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