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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 190
Season Six

Zac's trying his hardest to give the stone masonry a go but his heart's not in it. All he can seem to think about is getting back to school and working towards his dream of becoming a sound engineer. When he can't take it anymore, Zac tells Owen he's going back to school. Owen begs him to stay - the business has been in the family for generations, it needs him. When Zac refuses, Owen gives him an ultimatum - if Zac won't work for the business, then Owen won't support him. Lee is astounded when he finds Zac sleeping at the school and finds out he's been kicked out of home. He convinces Jill to let Zac stay at their place. Owen tries to lure Zac back to the stone masonry, saying he's only doing it for Zac's good. But Zac says if Owen really loved him, he'd let him life his life the way he wants to. Owen can't be swayed. But neither can Zac. So father and son part unreconciled.

A police liaison officer has been appointed to the school in an attempt to forge stronger links between the police service and the students. Draz can't believe his eyes when he sees who it is - Constable Todd Gillespie, the cop who tried to nab him for a bag-snatch he didn't do. Anita and the other kids agree that Todd's pretty cool but Draz won't be persuaded. As far as he's concerned, Todd's a pig - like all cops. Todd's presence turns out to be a blessing when Anita gets harassed in the school by some trespassing bladers. But Draz still won't be turned around. He's determined to make Todd look like an idiot and his quest to bring him down seems to be working. Until Draz gets into some trouble himself and finds Todd coming to his rescue. Draz acknowledges that Todd did him a favour but he still feels luke-warm about him. After all, a pig is a pig.

above: Draz stairs his enemy in the face

Jackie's science classes have becomes more boring than any lesson any other teacher has dished out during the entire history of Hartley Heights High. When Gem and Thania approach Jackie about sparking things up, Jackie takes it badly and next time class comes around, she gives Gem a particularly hard time. The girls then take their problem to a higher power. Carson tells Jackie he's concerned about her teaching methods and wants to sit in on her class. In attempt to make things interesting, Jackie sets up an experiment but she's so nervous she ends up almost setting fire to the classroom. Jackie's at her wit's end, she doesn't know how to make her students happy. Carson suggests she asks them. She takes his advice and ends up passing the teaching test with flying colours.

above: Zac the new lodger

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