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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 191
Season Six

Lee's delight that Gem agrees to go out with him is short-lived when she stands him up. The only reason she'll give is 'family problems'. Lee angrily accuses her of not having the guts to tell him to his face that she doesn't want to go out with him. He later calls at her home to apologise and meets her paraplegic sister, Carly. Gem is not pleased by what she sees as Lee's intrusion into her private life, and he is anxious to assure her that he cares and wants to do what he can to help. When Carly invites him to dinner, he is glad to accept, but the meal turns to disaster when Carly's true manipulative and vitriolic nature is revealed. Lee is appalled when he realises Carly has used him to harass her sister, and sympathises with Gem. He is amazed when Gem not only spurns his sympathy, but abuses his lack of understanding of her sister.

Todd announces that he's holding self-defence classes after school, but few are interested - except Anita. After the first lesson, the other girls drop out, but Todd is happy to continue even though Anita's the only one in the class. He teaches her a few basic moves, and the proximity generates a chemistry between them which both recognise. Todd however is determined to keep the relationship strictly professional. Anita realises the attraction can be little more than a fantasy, but is increasingly irritated by Drazic's immature possessive macho behaviour. Drazic is bemused, and can't understand why she's in such a bad temper with him. Anita realises nothing can come of the relationship, and determines to stop going to the classes. She goes to meet Todd as he leaves the Police Boys' club to tell him of her decision. But away from the school, neither of them can resist the temptation of their mutual feelings, and they kiss.

A new arrival of the school, Marco is a soccer whiz. Zac and some others are so impressed with his ability, they are lured away from playing basketball. Dennis is quite put out that the others are attracted to what he sees as a weak grease-ball sport. A rivalry develops between him and Marc, but slowly the popularity swings towards soccer. Dennis finds himself on the outer and decides if you can't beat 'em....

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