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above: Things are not well for Draz & Nite

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 192
Season Six

Anita and Todd's relationship is growing and neither can deny that it's too late to turn back now. Todd resigns from his position as police liaison officer at Hartley and there's only one problem stopping them from getting on with their relationship - Drazic. Anita struggles to tell him, her guilt exacerbated when Draz asks her to move into the shed. Anita bites the bullet, tells him their relationship is over, she doesn't feel the same way about him anymore. Draz can't understand it, wants to know why. He asks her if she's seeing someone else. Anita skirts the question, but Draz is already suspicious. He follows her and sees her meet with Todd. The pieces all fall into place and Draz is fuming. He confronts Todd, tries to pick a fight but Todd won't engage. Draz then goes to Anita, tells her Todd's just using her. Anita tells him to accept that it's over, she's in love with Todd. Draz goes bananas and takes his rage out in an empty classroom. Todd's called in to deal with the situation, but he implores Carson not to have Draz charged. Carson gives Drazic a talk about the pains of life and love, about dealing with it and moving on. Draz is mortified. When Anita turns up at the shed, Draz assumes she wants him back. But his assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Anita tells him she's leaving. Drazic watches her walk out of his life, shocked and heartbroken.

Lee tries to push Gem for information about Carly's accident but Gem doesn't want to talk about it. He goes to Carly to see if she can shed any light about why Gem's freezing him out. Carly tells Lee about Gem's involvement in her accident and they bond, Lee understanding what it's like to live with painful memories. But Carly misinterprets Lee's interest and develops a crush on him. When she tells Gem that Lee's taking her out to lunch, Gem thinks she's playing games. But Lee does take Carly out, and they have a wonderful time. Carly thanks Lee with a kiss - which lingers longer than you're average 'friendly' peck. Lee doesn't know how to react. Carly boasts to Gem that Lee is now her boyfriend. Gem confronts Lee to find out if it's true and he admits that Carly may have taken things the wrong way. Gem demands that he fix the situation but when he tries to explain to Carly, she takes it badly. Lee retreats, feeling like a real jerk. But it's Gem who really bears the brunt of Carly's bitterness. Her guilt over the accident and Carly's unhappiness, resurfaces.

above: Carly

Marc turns up to school wearing a pair of rare alligator skin boots and Thania goes ballistic. She can't believe fashion is more important to him than saving a species from extinction. Marc plays on Thania's rage, using any opportunity to rub her nose in it and he seems to be succeeding. But Thania won't give in and accept defeat, instead trying to humiliate Marc in front of the class. Jackie has monitored the debate with interest and points out that, when it comes to animal rights, Thania might have some answering to do herself. After all, has she considered that the cosmetics she's wearing have probably been tested on animals? Thania is forced to pull her head in and Marc is triumphant. When he turns up to school in a new, synthetic pair of boots, Thania smugly assumes he's developed a conscience, but nothing could be further from the truth... or could it?

above: Thania arguing with Marco

Zac's finding adapting to life at the Delaine's a somewhat new experience. He didn't learn much about domestic living growing up with his father. Jill tries to teach him a few simple lessons but Zac takes it the wrong way, worrying that he's screwing things up. Jill stems his concerns, assuring him that she likes having him around and Zac carries on, a little wiser.

above: The girlfriend-stealer

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