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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 193
Season Six

Carly's horse, Prince, is desperately ill and may have to be put down but Carly doesn't know yet and Gem struggles with the decision of telling her. Gem doesn't think Carly will cope but Lee tries to convince her that she has a right to know. Gem continues to procrastinate and Lee finally takes the responsibility himself. Carly is unsurprisingly livid. She accuses Gem of trying to kill Prince, as a way of coping with her guilt for causing the accident that rendered her disabled. Gem takes Carly to Prince, to see for herself how sick he really is. But Carly's not ready to accept it just yet. It takes a lot of convincing from Gem for her to realise that Prince is suffering and the kindest thing to do would be to let him go. Carly puts aside her pain and says good-bye to her Prince. The experience brings her and Gem closer together and it finally looks as though their relationship is on the mend. Gem is shocked when Carly announces that she's moving back to the farm, to live with her parents. She thinks it's time she and Gem led separate lives, free from the guilt that was holding them together. Gem and Carly share a teary farewell.

Marc has scored a hot new girlfriend and Dennis wants a piece of the action. He asks Marc to set him up with one of Angie's friends. Marc agrees, but implores Dennis not to act so desperate. The guys turn up to the Shark Pool for their double date, and Dennis is horrified when he sees he's been set up with none other than Sophie the heiffer - a girl carrying a little more weight than Dennis normally goes for. But he goes on the date anyway, and discovers Sophie's a really rad chick. But when Marc questions him about the date, Dennis can't admit he actually likes Sophie and joins in on the 'fat' jokes that the guys are hurling around. Sophie overhears him and is distraught. When Dennis finds out, he admits he's been a jerk and begs her for another chance. Sophie relents but guarantees Dennis he'll be singing soprano if he stuffs up again. Meanwhile Angie has heard about Marc's involvement in the whole thing and has given him his marching orders. Marc apologises to Sophie, begs her to put a good word in with Angie. Dennis implores him not to act so desperate - it's not a good look.

Thania is mortified when D'espo tells her the canteen can't pay her wages any more, and if she wants to keep her job, she'll have to come up with a way to rake in the money. Thania comes up with the idea of a cappuccino machine but it doesn't quite take off. She needs something extra to really make things work. Luckily Carson's into mud cake and Thania manages to bribe him to allow her to set up tables and chairs outside the canteen, to keep the patrons hanging around and buying more. Thania's plan works but D'espo, seeing an opportunity to go even bigger, takes over the reigns. Unfortunately, he takes it that one step too far. There's a pool table in the school yard, and when kids stop turning up to class, not even the most luscious slice of mud cake can bring Carson around. D'espo grudgingly pulls his head in and it's business as usual at the canteen. Thania keeps her job - and a written guarantee D'espo can't pull a swifty on her again.

Draz is not coping well with his break up with Anita. A well-meaning Carson tries to get him to talk about it but Draz is uncommunicative. He goes about the business of cleaning up the mess he caused in the classroom like a robot, and shows little emotion to anyone. Except when a student tries to use Anita's old locker. And Draz flips. But his irrational behaviour wakes him up and he realises he has to accept that Anita's gone, and she's not coming back.

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