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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 194
Season Six

Marc wins Angie back when he plays up his Italian heritage. She finds him cultured... a cut above the locals. Loves it when he speaks Italian. When interest in the school soccer team that Marc has set up starts to wane, it's Angie who suggests that Marc can get Roberto an ex-Italian International player who's coaching a city team to come out and spark up the team. After all both Marc and Roberto come from the same village! Marc tries to coax Robert's assistance but can't convince him he's actually Italian. Marc has to tell Angie and his expectant team-mates that he's not really Italian that he was born in Sydney and had never even been to Italy. Marc loses the girl but gets back on the team.... after all he is the best player around.

Lee pens and sings a song that Zac records... They're both keen to enter it into a song writing competition but don't believe Lee's voice does the work justice. Lee tells Zac his inspiration for the song was Gem. It's about unrequited love. The boys hold auditions for another singer but strike out. But they chance to hear Gem sing and she's a knockout. Lee's not keen to use her but Zac records her and convinces Lee that that's the version they should enter. Things get complicated when Gem shows more than a professional interest in Zac. He doesn't want to hurt Lee but agrees to go out with Gem. Lee finds them looking kinda cosy together when he seeks them out to tell them their song was a winner.

above: "I love it when you speak Italian"

Dennis and his first real girlfriend Sophie hit a rocky path when Sophie reckons that Dennis keeps looking at other girls. She goes on a crash diet to compete even though Dennis tells her he likes her just the way she is. When Dennis tells her he can't promise never to look at other girls the end of a beautiful romance looks nigh.

above: Love?


Drazic is still depressed about Anita leaving town and resists everyone's efforts to cheer him up. Thania decides unconventional action is called for and arrives home with a piglet. Drazic initially tries to pretend he doesn't like it but secretly bonds with it and eventually causes mayhem when he takes it to school. Thursday October 7th, 6.00pm

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