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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 196
Season Six

An English exchange student turns up on the Delaines' doorstep, much to their surprise. And with a name like Clare Grant, a posh pommie accent, and an interest in ballet, she quickly becomes the latest object of ridicule at Hartley Heights High. Clare alienates herself further when she accuses Dennis and the others of stealing her ballet gear out of her locker. When it turns up and there's a completely innocent explanation, Clare feels like a total fool but no one's willing to forgive her just yet. She goes to Lee for solace but her approach is a tad 'forward' and Lee finds out she's left a somewhat problematic life back in England. He explains that she doesn't have to go that far to get people to like her. Lee implores the other kids to give Clare a fair go, but it's not until they see her dance that they really appreciate her unique talent and find it in their hearts to grant her acceptance.

Zac has moved into the shed and Thania is pleased there will be another person to share the rent. Money's tight and Draz has been slack. But Zac reveals that he's skint too and Thania gives the boys an ultimatum - get a job, or get out. The guys will do anything for bucks and find themselves donning Koala suits to raise charity for a wildlife organisation. But they're not the only koalas on the beat and when Draz mistakes another koala for Zac, he loses his entire day's collection. The boys resolve to find the guilty koala and when they catch him in the act, koala hell breaks lose. After some lively street brawling, the boys are surprised to find they have gained an appreciative audience in the general public. They decide this act is by far the most affective for raising money and unite with the bad koala in their money raising efforts. Thania's oblivious of all the shenanigans but she's happy the guys are finally paying their way.

Marc's slacking off in science and Jackie is coming down hard. Carson appoints Jackie as the new junior softball coach, much to her despair, and she finds herself begging her senior students for some tips on the game. No one knows anything. Except for Marc. And he sees an opportunity to get something in return - more time for his science assignments. The plan is working beautifully, both ways. After a rough start, Jackie is turning out to be a good coach and she's really thankful to Marc for all his help. But Marc finds himself becoming more interested in Jackie, and his plan to get out of handing in assignments takes a back seat. When Dennis suggests Jackie's hot for Marc, he doesn't find the notion an unpleasant one. In an attempt to spend more time with her, he asks for a favour in return - personal science tutoring after school. Jackie is so grateful for Marc's help with the softball team that she agrees to help him. Marc is ecstatic.

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