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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 197
Season Six

Marc's interest in Jackie has grown and he's starting to look at her as more than just his teacher. He uses their private tutorials to try to get to know Jackie on a more 'personal' level. Marc misinterprets her kindness towards him as reciprocated feelings and he's sure a relationship between them is on the cards. Jackie starts to suspect something serious is wrong when Marc turns up uninvited to the coffee shop she goes to before school. Her concern escalates when Marc gives her a gift. She tries to confirm her suspicions by asking Thania if Marc has a girlfriend, but Thania misunderstands her intentions and blabs to Marc that Jackie was asking about his private life. All the proof Marc needs to pursue her further. The situation comes to a head when Marc follows Jackie after school and turns up at her home. Jackie reacts angrily and tells him to leave her alone, slamming her door in his face. She realises it's time to take serious action so she goes to Carson to make a formal complaint. Carson talks to Marc about his unintentional 'stalking' and Marc finally realises that Jackie isn't, and was never, interested in having a relationship with him.

Gem and Zac are working on another song and Draz is tempted to wear ear plugs around the shed so he doesn't have to listen to it anymore. But the recording takes a back seat when Gem joins an acappella group at the school and starts taking singing lessons. Hartley's music teacher, Miss Rigby, convinces Gem that her technique needs a lot of work, and if she keeps singing the way she has been she could do some serious damage to her voice. Zac thinks it's all a load of hogwash and he just wants to get on with the recording. But Gem is getting more and more obsessed with getting her voice right and their relationship starts to suffer. Draz gives Zac some advice to help him to smooth things over with his woman but when Gem refuses to complete the recording for the sake of her voice, it's clear that she and Zac are on the fast track to breaking up.

Lee is not impressed when Jill invites her boss, Warwick, over to the house for dinner. As far as Lee's concerned, Warwick's a boring old sleaze and the last thing he wants to think about is Jill playing social butterfly with a guy like him. In fact, Lee would rather that his mother abstain from seeing any man, period. When Clare tells Lee she saw Warwick and Jill having a pash, Lee doesn't want to believe it. His disapproval escalates when he finds Jill sneaking into the house at seven o'clock in the morning after a night on the town with the old bloke. Jill implores Lee for a little understanding - she's entitled to a life, isn't she? Lee thinks about that and realises he's been selfish and unfair. But to put his mind at rest, he has a private chat with Warwick just to make sure he's treating Jill with the respect and care she deserves. Warwick is deeply flattered - he feels like a naughty teenager all over again.

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