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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 198
Season Six

When Jackie gives a class on the effects of Marijuana, she hints that she may have had some practical experience. She is shocked when she finds a joint left as a present on her desk and doesn't quite know what to do. She confronts Marc, tells him that she thought they'd put their problems behind them and had agreed to resume a relationship more fitting of a student and teacher. Marc tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about, it wasn't him who left the joint but she doesn't believe him. Thania assures Marc if he's innocent, there's nothing Jackie can prove. Jackie finally tells Carson and he urges her to call in the police, there is no place in school for drugs. Constable Ross arrives to give a talk on the dangers of marijuana and confiscates the offending joint. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the substance is not marijuana but a mixture of common garden herbs. Jackie is humiliated. She lashes out at Marc again. But then Thania confesses to planting the 'joint' because she wanted to teach Jackie a lesson. She thought Jackie gave out the wrong message when she hinted that she smoked dope, like it was a cool thing to do. Jackie admits that she's never even tried Marijuana. She apologises to Marc for jumping to the wrong conclusion and asks if they can wipe the slate clean and start again.

Carson wants to update the student records but Gem and Dennis take offence to the personal nature of the questionnaire he expects them to fill out. They decide that the only way to make it fair is to examine Carson's personal life and embark on a journey to find out what kind of man he really is. Upon inspection on his taste in videos, music, hobbies, and the people he keeps as company, they conclude that Carson is, in fact, of homosexual persuasion. When Carson continues to act like an ogre, Gem and Dennis agree that their knowledge should be made available to the public and post a notice hinting at their findings. Carson is horrified when he discovers it and immediately suspects Dennis. After a private lecture, Dennis realises that making a profile on someone can be dangerous if you don't have all the facts, and fills out his questionnaire form with no argument.

Now that Lee has embraced Jill's new relationship, he and Warwick are getting on like old pals. Lee is especially enjoying turning up to school in any sports car he desires, thanks to Warwick's position as boss at the car yard. But Jill is tiring of Warwick and the party life but she keeps it to herself because she doesn't want to disappoint Lee. Lee finds out that Jill and Warwick have split when he goes to the car yard to see her and finds out she's lost her job. Lee is furious and confronts Warwick. But the old codger tells him he sacked Jill because her sales figures have been consistently bad for some time. Jill begins the search for a new job, and mother and son leave Warwick behind them.

A spark seems to be developing between Zac and Clare but Zac is hesitant to make a move because he's not sure where things stand with Gem. He tries to get an answer but Gem says she needs some time. Zac finds his attraction to Clare too strong and ends up in a passionate embrace with her, any thoughts of Gem long forgotten.

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