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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 199
Season Six

Marc and Thania are at odds with each other, and with Carson teaching History. They consider studying old facts a waste of time. Carson puts the two rebels together on a history project to trace back past students so as to draw the comparison as to whether the old students have benefited from their studies. Marc and Thania loathe each other and eventually have to separate tasks. It is only when Marc hits a dead end with his research that Thania steps in to help. The two gradually bond as they complete their research backing the idea that History studies have positive benefits, and at the end also bring two old student lovers back together.

Gem and Clare are given the opportunity to audition for a scholarship to a performing arts school in Canberra. They bluff each other at first as to whether either is going up for it. Zac tells them both individually that they're sure to get it. Clare calls him out on it first and Zac reassures her that she's the one he really favours. Gem catches Clare and Zac kissing and realises her relationship with him is finished. She calls him out on it, but Zac fudges and says that they've been drifting apart for some time. Gem in a ruse to separate Zac and Clare drops out of the audition thus ensuring that Clare wins the scholarship and leaves Hartley.

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Jill is worried about finding work and applies for the vacant position as Carson's secretary/staff co-ordinator. Lee is at first glad that his mother has finally found work but then becomes worried that she is getting in his way at school. Jill manoeuvres to present Lee in the best light to a girl student which allows her son to win a date.

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