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above: Jodie raps in the school yard

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 2
Season One

Jodie starts the day by rallying the students in the playground by singing a rap song entitled "burn down the school". Sharp as ever, Southgate decides to put a stop to this behaviour, and tells Jodie that if she sings the rap song in the school yard again she'll be in trouble.

Meanwhile, Danni is angry with Steve for apparently having a fling with "some blonde" at a party. He apologises, but Danni wants nothing to do with him. Steve hires Con to sort things out, at a price. Meanwhile, the gang get it into their heads that Southgate is taking their right to express themselves - so next break, Jodie sings a different rap song.

above: Jodie stands up to Southgate

Southgate is quick to shut her down again, and even though Jodie points out that she is singing a different song, he doesn't care - to him 'it all sounds the same'. Jodie is sent to Deloraine's office for a lecture. Rose, editor of the school newspaper, writes an article on the banning of rap, and prints the lyrics to Jodie's song. Someone takes the lyrics literally however, and the next day the school is covered in 'burn it down' graffiti, alongs with burnt out bins.

above: Someone took her song too literally

Deloraine blames Nick Rose and Jodie - but the trio won't back down - resulting in Deloraine shutting down the school newspaper. Angered by this, the gang produce their own unnofficial newspaper with a list of demands that must be met by noon the next day - or else all the students will strike. Jodie confesses to Nick that some of the lyrics in her songs aren't entirely accurate - she fabricated her tough background to fit in at her new school. Nick tells her that he will be there for her - before landing a smacker on her lips.

above: The trio make a stand
above: Sparks fly

Southgate prompts Deloraine to call their bluff - so at noon all the kids go on strike. Deloraine threatens the lot of them with suspensions, but it doesn't deter them - they have a cause. Christina and Yola do some digging and find out that Deloraine was quite the protester in his day too - which prompts him to come round and negotiate with the kids.

above: The kids follow through
above: Con has got a last resort plan for Steve -
will he be able to win back Dani's heart?

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