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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 20
Season One

Southgate takes over as Acting Principal when Deloraine goes on leave. After getting Con to pick open Deloraine's filing cabinet, he reads of the threat of school closure due to flagging numbers. He decides to get Hartley into ship shape and invites the Minister for a visit. Southgate's rise to power has teachers and students protesting his strict rule within minutes. He stands his ground however, and after some disruption in Christina's class, he cancels the class excursion to the Maritime Museum. Christina, outraged, defies him and them anyway.

Meanwhile, Nick and Danielle are having trouble keeping their feelings for each other a secret. River spies them after their lusty visit to a motel and starts to taunt Steve about Danielle sharing her favours with "someone" other than him. It comes out in full during the excursion to the Museum. Steve, jealous and hurt lashes out at Nick in a blind rage. When Christina tries to separate them, Steve falls and seriously injures his head and ends up in hospital.

Apart from the guilt she feels about Steve's injury, Christina knows she is in deep trouble with Southgate. To top this is the brawl that erupts in her class over the Nick/Danielle/Steve situation, during the Minister's visit. In her final hour, knowledge of Con picking open Deloraine's filing cabinet comes to Christina and she uses it to get Southgate to ease off her case.

Steve is back at school and feeling bitter. The gang is divided and Nick and Danielle are left to console themselves with the fact that they have each other. They don't need anyone else...

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