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above: Thania is disturbed by Lee's attitude

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 200
Season Six

Lee seems to have hit a rough patch at school. Nothing seems worth the effort any more. When Jackie comes down hard on him for slacking off in class it only serves to push Lee further away from his responisbilities as a student. A staffroom altercation leaves Jill wondering if Jackie is intentionally victimising Lee because of Jill's new position as administrator at the school. A heated argument between the women takes place in the yard and Carson is forced to intervene. He points out to Jill that Lee's work has been steadily declining for some time, that his motivation has been waning, and that Jackie is entitled to discipline Lee. Things come to a head when Lee decides he's had enough of everything and goes into self-destruct mode, throwing his books off the roof of the school building and hurling insults at teachers and friends. Jill realises that Lee's problems are deep and suggests a fresh start at a new school. The idea of putting the past behind him and starting again appeals to Lee. All he has to do now is tie up the loose ends with his friends.

Thania is looking for volunteers for a psychological survey but her recruits aren't too impressed with the results. When the test labels Gem as bossy, controlling and bad-tempered, Marc is hesitant to offer himself as a volunteer - he's not into public humiliation. But he agrees on the proviso that Thania takes the test too. Marc and Thania's relationship has reached that awkward stage - not quite a couple but more than just friends. Gem suggests that Thania runs a compatibility test to see if they're suited. Thania does so but wishes she hadn't. The results suggest they're totally wrong for each other, a relationship between them would be a disaster. Marc is perplexed and disappointed when Thania seems to have gone cold on him. When he finds out why, he implores her to ignore the stupid test results - they like each other, that's all that matters. Thania is determined to resist temptation but... how strong is her self-control?

above: Getting ready for the party

Draz has only three days to go before his probation period is finally up and he can start life again with a clean slate. Zac suggests a party to celebrate but Draz doesn't want to tempt fate. Zac twists his arm - it'll be a small party, no wild behaviour, fully in control. When Draz learns that half the school's been invited he freaks out and tells Zac he's taking over the organisation of the party. He strikes a deal with Gibbo, the canteen supplier, to take the left-overs off his hands for forty bucks, and if he could throw a BBQ into the deal it'd be appreciated. When the food and equipment turn up it's far more and far bigger than Draz expected and he starts to suspect that Gibbo's passed on stolen goods. Zac and Dennis pacify Draz - if they keep the party low-key, the cops will never know. But a noise complaint sees a cop turn up to the party, and Draz is sure he's headed for the slammer.

above: Carson is concerned

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