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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 201
Season Six

A man turns up at the shed claiming to be Dragan Drazic - Drazic's father. When Zac mentions it, Draz claims he doesn't have a dad. Dragan turns up at the school in search of his son and Draz tells him to push off. Zac feels sorry for Dragan when he tells him it's his fiftieth birthday soon, he wanted Draz to be there. Zac agrees to try and talk Draz into seeing Dragan but his efforts are unsuccessful. There's clearly a lot of history here that Draz doesn't want to dredge up. In the meantime, Dragan is struggling with his motor mechanical business. Zac turns up to tell him Draz doesn't want to know about him and Dragan plays on his sympathies, asks him to try one more time. Draz resents Zac's interference, tells him how Dragan was a drunk who used to beat him up when he was a kid. Zac's torn - he can understand where Draz is coming from but Dragan seems sorry for the past. Zac sees how lonely Dragan is and invites him to the shed to celebrate his birthday. Draz is furious but Dragan manages to break through his defences. Draz wants to believe that Dragan has changed but he's not ready for a full reconciliation just yet.

Tess Mason, spooky gothic chick, arrives at Hartley to a cool reception. Dennis enjoys bagging her out, and scoffs when she puts a spell on him. But when he turns up to school with a rash, and strange things start happening, he starts to believe she really is a witch. Carson is concerned that Tess doesn't seem to be fitting in very well, and calls her father, Tim, in to have a chat. Tim allays his concerns - Tess is a normal, healthy teenager, she just has unusual interests. But the school yard taunting gets worse as the kids decide it's time to 'burn the witch!' Carson realises something has to be done. He suggests a trial so Tess can defend herself against the accusations. Gem is the prosecutor, Dennis the witness, and Tess conducts her own defence. Tess gives a strong argument - she should be persecuted for having different beliefs. She wins the trial and gains some reluctant acceptance from Dennis and the gang.

above: A new student

Marc and Thania lock horns over the issue of which sex is more important to survival. Marc argues that men are better thinkers than women and Thania bitterly disagrees. Jackie suggests a contest to try and prove one way or another. It all starts out in good faith but as Marc and Thania grow more competitive their relationship starts to suffer. They finally concede that men and women need each other to survive, and make up.

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