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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 202
Season Six

When Thania finds some money and jewellery missing from the shed, Draz instantly suspects his dad of thieving it. When he confronts him, Dragan admits he's been having a few money troubles with the business, he did take it but he planned on returning it before anyone noticed. Drazic realises his father hasn't changed his old ways, he's still the dishonest old drunk he always was. They lock horns and Draz ends up hitting the old man. Draz is surprised when Dragan ends up in hospital - he didn't hit him that hard. But he soon learns there's more going on that he knew about. Dragan has cancer, he's dying. Draz is torn. He still feels a lot of anger at his dad over an abusive past. All Dragan wants is to reconcile with his son before he dies. Thania helps Draz to realise that he's only got one father, if he doesn't sort things out with Dragan now, he might never get the chance. Draz finds it in himself to forgive Dragan and is devastated when Dragan slips into a coma, and then slips away.

Marc gets over-protective when Zac becomes attracted to Gina, Marc's cousin. Marc tells Zac he can go out with anyone else, just not Gina. Zac and Gina ignore Marc and start hanging out together. But Marc becomes enraged and it ends up in a fisty-cuff between him and Zac. Zac calls things off with Gina - it's not worth sacrificing his friendship with his mate. Gina thinks he's spineless. When she tells Thania about it, Thania goes to Marc, points out how pathetic and hypocritical he's being. Marc realises the error of his ways and apologises to Zac. Zac and Gina try again but realise that they actually don't have very much in common. They decide to be just friends. But not without rubbing Marc's nose in things first...

above: Upset and alone

Tim encourages Tess to get out of the house and meet new people. She doesn't seem to have many friends at school. Make that any. Tess agrees to give Tim's tai chi class a go, and is surprised to see Dennis there. She discovers a new side to him and he finds himself actually liking her, too. Tim is pleased that Tess has found a new friend - even if his table manners leave a lot to be desired. Gem, on the other hand, is not pleased about the new friendship. Yesterday, Dennis thought Tess was the school freak, today, they're best buddies. But her attempts to bring Dennis back around to her way of thinking are unsuccessful and she is forced to give up. She now hates Tess more than ever.

above: Crossing the boundaries

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