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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 203
Season Six

Drazic is trying to deal with his father's death when Anita comes back to town, hoping to help him through the ordeal. But Draz doesn't want to know her. She understands his anger. After all, she was the one who left him for Todd. But she manages to break down his defences and Draz confesses his relief to have her back in his life. When he hears that she's broken up with Todd, he couldn't be happier, but Anita wants to take things slowly and Draz has to accept friendship for the time being. In the meantime, he has to decide what to do with Dragan's ashes. He considers keeping them at home, but Zac's clearly spooked with the notion. Anita suggests scattering them somewhere special. Draz decides to scatter them in the ocean - Dragan loved to fish and felt at peace when doing so. Having said a final farewell to his dad, Draz contemplates a new start with Anita. But she's got some bad news - she's not staying in Hartley. Draz is shattered. Anita assures him it's not good-bye forever. She just needs some time to work out what she really wants to do with her life. Draz knows he has to let her go.

Thania is incensed when she learns that the government is planning to cut funds from public education and decides to take action. When the Minister for Education rejects her petition, she takes to the school roof to protest until he agrees to listen. She counts on Marc for support but is sorely disappointed. He thinks protesting is a waste of time. As the protest gathers support, Mr Wood, the Minister's advisor, pays Carson a visit and orders him to put a stop to it. Carson implores Marc to convince Thania to come down. Marc realises his relationship is on the rocks and begs Thania to see his point of view - he might not care about the protest, but he cares about her. But they're only words - she wants proof. So Marc joins the protest. The Minister finally agrees to listen to the students' concerns and Thania is victorious. Peace is restored.

Gem shows a talent for bullying when she sets on a mission to make life hell for Tess. Tess is determined not to sink to Gem's level and wills herself not to react. But Gem refuses to lay off, employing underhanded tactics to try and get at Tess. It's not in Tess' nature to seek revenge but when Gem sets her up for a potentially dangerous fall, Tess finally finds the courage to stand up for herself. And discovers it feels pretty good...

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