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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 204
Season Six

Draz has inherited his father's motor repair business and is stoked when he learns it could sell for a hundred grand. When loan shark, Louie, turns up at the workshop and informs him that Dragan owed sixty thousand dollars on the business, Draz can't push the sale through quickly enough. But it seems the real estate agent has changed his tune and is now telling Draz the business is worth only half what he initially promised. Louie turns up at the workshop and heavies Anita, telling her Draz had better start making payments or he'll make his life hell. Draz is in a bind. Anita surprises him by deciding to stay in Hartley and help him through his hassles. That's all he needs to motivate him into action. He decides to hold on to the business, make it work for him. All he needs now is to find five hundred bucks to keep Louie at bay.

Carson gives a lesson on the role of propaganda in history but no one thinks it's relevant - they're all way too smart to get sucked in by propaganda. Meanwhile, the students are surprised when Thania's work starts to slide. The A grade student is bombing out big time. Everyone is shocked when Carson gives her a hard time for being stupid. But it's not long before everyone is starting to believe it and Thania is deemed the biggest moron at Hartley. Only Marc is concerned, but when he asks Thania what's wrong but she's dismissive - it's only school work, nothing to get worked up about. The students soon learn they've been sucked in by propaganda. Carson and Thania had the whole thing planned. The students are ashamed and concede they're not perhaps as smart as they thought they were...

Tess wants to go to the Barfs' concert but Tim puts his foot down - those concerts attract the wrong crowd. Dennis sees Tess disappointed and offers to try and smooth-talk Tim into changing his mind. Tim agrees to let Tess go - on one condition - that Dennis goes with her to keep an eye out for her. But Dennis is finding his duty difficult to fulfil when Tess meets Goth bad boy, Heath, while waiting in a queue for tickets. Tim is horrified when Heath and his mates turn up at the house to accompany Tess to the concert and he puts the pressure on Dennis - look after Tess, or else. Dennis is mightily peeved when Tess loses him at the concert but Tess tells him to back off, she's a big girl and she doesn't need his protection. Dennis realises his protective instincts have more to do with the crush he's developing on Tess, than a desire to please Tim.

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