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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 205
Season Six

Draz is determined to fill his dad's shoes in the running of the business and spends every spare moment he has, working to get everything done. Anita is a little concerned. She doesn't think Draz should pressure himself to be someone he isn't. But Draz is set on giving the business his best shot. He is infuriated when he finds a homeless kid bunking down at the workshop and chases him off. Anita is sympathetic towards the kid and tries to find out his story. She learns that his name is Brett and he left home because he couldn't get along with his dad. He's been living on the streets, sleeping wherever he can find shelter. Anita approaches Draz with the information, hoping he'll show some compassion but Draz doesn't want to know about it - whatever the kid's problem is, it's got nothing to do with him. The workshop is his property and he doesn't want any free-loading 'vermin' invading it. Anita is shocked at his attitude. When Brett turns up at the workshop again and throws a rock through the window, Draz pursues him, intending to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. But as Brett pleads with Draz not to hit him, it strikes a chord. Draz encourages Brett to sort things out with his dad before it's too late. Anita is proud of her man.

Carson is directing his own adaptation of the stage play 'Cyrano Debergerac' - a story of the love of a tragically disfigured man for an exquisitely beautiful woman who doesn't even know he exists. Carson calls on the students to audition. Gem signs up assuming, immediately, that she will land the leading role of 'Roxane'. She scoffs at Tess when she finds her signing up for the same role and Tess' confidence takes a dive. Dennis, his crush on Tess growing stronger every minute, comes to the rescue, telling Tess that if she auditions for the part, he'll try out for the role of 'Christian' - Roxane's love interest. Tess agrees and they set about rehearsing. But come audition time, Dennis gets stage fright and has to be prompted with his lines by Zac, who has been assigned as Carson's assistant. When Carson announces the roles, there are mixed reactions. Tess gets the role of 'Roxane' - much to Gem's outrage. Zac gets the role of 'Christian' - much to his own surprise. And Dennis lands the role of 'Cyrano' - the tragically disfigured man who will never win Roxane's love...

D'espo is unsettled by the sudden appearance of a fast food van cruising the Hartley Streets, selling tacos to the consumers who ordinarily frequent the Shark Pool. Marc and Thania think D'espo is being paranoid when he tells them the Mexican food guy is out to get him. But they realise he could be right when they discover a 'Wanted - Dead or Alive' poster sporting D'espo's mug. D'espo reveals that Carlos, the Mexican food guy, is the husband of a woman with whom he had a recent adulterous affair. He is convinced Carlos has come to get his revenge. He asks Marc to check Carlos out, see what he's up against. Marc comes back with a message - Carlos demands that D'espo meet him at twelve noon the following day at the Shark Pool where they will sort things out for once and for all. What will be D'espo's fate? Will he die at the hands of the big, mean, Mexican Carlos? Or will he live to see another taco...

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