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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 206
Season Six

Dennis has taken on his role as 'Cyrano' with great gusto and he suggests to his leading lady, Tess, that they get to know one another better for the sake of the play. But Dennis is crestfallen when he discovers that the love of his life holds a torch for Zac. He questions Zac, only to discover that the feeling is mutual. But Dennis isn't ready to give up just yet and the line between acting and reality starts to blur. Meanwhile, Gem has cottoned onto the relationship blossoming between Zac and Tess and sets out to sabotage it. Minutes before the performance, she locks Tess in the girls' toilets. Zac and Dennis lead a desperate search to find her, Zac finally rescuing his maiden in distress and accepting a passionate kiss as his reward. Dennis is heartbroken and decides it's finally time to let Tess know his real feelings for her. He gives the performance of his life but it's not quite the portrayal Carson had in mind. Tess admires Dennis for his honesty but confesses that her feelings for him don't surpass that of a friend. Dennis accepts that he must let her go but it will be a long time before his wounded heart heals...

Thania is unimpressed with D'espo's lack of hygiene in his preparation of the food at the canteen. When she suggests he try at least washing his hands, D'espo thinks she's over-reacting and tells her to take a panadol and sit down. But when a large number of students come down with the same mystery illness, Thania becomes concerned. It soon becomes clear that they are the victims of food poisoning and that the canteen could be responsible. Mr Brereton, a Health Department Inspector, is called in to make a report. D'espo decides to lay the blame on Thania and tells her if she confesses to being responsible and takes her leave graciously, he'll pay her double wages at the Shark Pool. Thania takes the wrap but it doesn't really solve D'espo's problem. Brereton finds that the canteen is indeed responsible for the outbreak and recommends that D'espo loses the franchise.

Marc and Drazic are suspicious when they notice a guy taking photographs of them from the school gates. They are surprised to learn that he's a professional photographer, searching for a male model for a poster advertisement. Peter gives them his business card and suggests if either of them is interested, to come down to the studio for some proper shots. Both Marc and Drazic feign indifference but both turn up at the studio, thoughts of fame and fortune flowing through their minds. Marc ends up getting the job and rubs Draz's nose in it - the better looking guy won. But when the ad comes out, the joke's on Marc. It's not quite the type of notoriety he had in mindů

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