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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 207
Season Six

Looks like Tim might be landing a job with computer games wizard, 'Chip' Harvey. An old acquaintance of the family, Tess hasn't seen Chip since she was a little girl, and Chip is impressed with how much she's grown up since last he saw her. Zac is similarly impressed with Tess' association with the famous Chip, and asks if she find out the short cuts for 'Lightspeeders' - one of Chip's successful computer games. When Tess suggests he come with her to Chip's place, Zac is elated. But when they get there, Chip doesn't seem too happy about Zac's presence and Zac gets the feeling he's cramping the guy's style. Tess is outraged when Zac suggests that Chip is trying to sleaze onto her and tells him to grow up. But Zac's perceptions turn out to be true and Tess is devastated when Chip tries to come onto her. Zac urges her to tell Tim but Tess doesn't want her dad to lose the job. Despite Chip's threats, Tess can't keep her secret from Tim and dirty old Chip gets his comeuppance.

Gem is feeling left out while Thania and Marc play the happy-in-love couple. Thania feels sorry for Gem and invites her to hang out with them. Marc is unimpressed - Gem's turning out to be the bad smell that won't go away. Gem is offended when Marc asks her if she wants him to set her up with a date. Marc is surprised to learn that Gem already has a boyfriend, Brendon - an ex who wants to hook up with her again. When a lavish bunch of red roses turns up for Gem, Marc and Thania are impressed and pressure Gem into setting a date so they can meet this dream guy. They're disappointed when Brendon fails to turn up to the arranged meeting. Marc is sceptical but Thania is happy that Gem has found someone special. But the truth comes out when they catch Gem talking to Brendon on the phone. Is Brendon the real McCoy or a figment of Gem's lonely imagination?...

Carson is appalled when half the class fails to hand in it's assignments because watching television took priority over doing their homework. He berates the students for being addicts. But Drazic, Dennis and Anita all reckon they could go without television, no sweat. They're so confident they put money on it. Anita is the first to break - she can't resist the temptation of the scandalous soap, 'Kakadu General'. Dennis moves into the shed to keep an eye on Draz and the battle continues. Who will break first? Or, moreover, who will be man enough to admit it?

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