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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 208
Season Six

Marc and Thania's seemingly 'perfect' relationship continues to grate on Gem's nerves. And Marc isn't helping matters by pointing out that Gem needs to find a man of her own. Gem gets her hands onto Marc's diary and discovers a very interesting piece of information. She tells Marc and Thania that a there's a rumour going around that Jackie's getting it on with one of the male students. Marc gets angry at the suggestion and Thania wonders why he's over-reacting. Marc goes to Jackie to ask if it's true and Jackie is furious. Meanwhile, Gem and Thania have witnessed the exchange and Gem plants the seed of doubt in Thania's mind - is Marc the one with whom Jackie is having the affair? Thania confronts Marc, who denies that he has ever had feelings for Jackie and assures her there's nothing going on. But when Gem waves Marc's diary under Thania's nose, Thania is tempted to look, just for peace of mind. What she discovers enrages her - that Marc had once had a crush on Jackie. She feels betrayed by Marc's lies and breaks up with him. And guess who's there to pick up the pieces?...

Zac wants to do something nice for Tess and takes Drazic's suggestion to take her out for a trip on the harbour. But the outing turns nasty when Zac is bullied by some thugs on the ferry. Tess encourages him to ignore them. Zac takes the advice but the thugs refuse to leave him alone. When he answers back to them, the bullying turns physical and Zac is humiliated in front of Tess. Tess tells him she admires his courage in not fighting back, but Zac feels like a wimp. When Tess realises he's avoiding her because of the incident, she asks him if they can try the outing again - this time as a real date. But when one of the thugs turns up on the ferry again, history repeats. Only this time, it's Zac who's doing the humiliating. Tess is unimpressed and tells Zac he's not a real man. Her words hit home and Zac is apologetic. Tess forgives him and they agree to give things one more go.

Anita is keen to sell some T-shirts she has designed but is having little success. Dennis suggests making them a little more personalised by painting statements onto them, and the shirts really start to sell. Only Carson and Ms Bonner, the PTA rep, are unimpressed. In their eyes, the T-shirts are offensive. The students are appalled when Carson suggests the introduction of a dress code at the school. Dennis argues that there's nothing wrong with what he's wearing - he's just being himself. Carson retorts that clothes do not maketh the man - it's what's underneath that really shows who you are. This advice incites Dennis to show Carson who he really is and Carson is forced to agree to a compromise.

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