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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 209
Season Six

Marc tries to mend his broken relationship with Thania but she's resolved that it's over. Marc is devastated but it looks like someone else is happy with the news. Gem has her eyes set on Marc and corners him in the storeroom, hoping he'll reciprocate her feelings. But Marc's not interested. Stung by rejection, a distraught Gem concocts a story about Marc having sexually assaulted her. The police are brought in to investigate. Marc is shocked at the allegations. Thania is horrified but Gem is so convincing, Thania lends her support. It looks as though Marc will be charged, when Thania discovers an inconsistency in Gem's version of how the assault occurred. When cross-examined, Gem finally breaks down and confesses that she made the whole thing up. Things got out of control - she never meant for it to go this far. So Marc is off the hook. But Gem isn't. Carson instructs her to pack her things and go. Hartley's not the place for her anymore.

Business is slow at the workshop and the bills are piling up. Drazic decides the only way to make a success of the business is to leave school and devote all his time to it. Draz is surprised when Louie offers to push some work his way but he gratefully accepts. He could use the money to upgrade his tools and equipment. Louie brings a car around and asks Draz to install some parts. Louie assures him if he does a good job, there'll be regular work in it for him. Draz is stoked - things are finally turning out for the best. But things turn horribly wrong when the cops turn up to the workshop with a search warrant - they have reason to believe Draz is in possession of stolen parts. Even worse, the cop who comes to deliver the news in none other than Anita's ex-boyfriend, Todd.

Dennis and Tim's growing friendship isn't sitting easy with Tess. When the two become indoor rock climbing partners, Dennis seems to always be around at the house and Tess is uncomfortable. She's with Zac now and doesn't want to rub Dennis' nose in it. But when Tim suggests to Dennis that Tess has a problem with him hanging around so much, Dennis instantly assumes Zac is behind it and sets out to make his life difficult. Tess begs Zac not to react but he's not prepared to sit back and take it. When Dennis brags about his rock climbing prowess, Zac issues a challenge. Dennis accepts. Despite Tess' protests, the boys go ahead with the contest and the best man wins. Or does he?..

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