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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 210
Season Six

The cops are hounding Draz about the stolen car parts but he's keeping his mouth firmly shut. Anita bails him out and urges him to tell them the truth but Draz isn't a dog - he won't break the code and dob Louie in. He's convinced he's being set up anyway -that this is Todd's revenge for losing Anita. Anita goes to Todd and asks him to talk to Draz, off the record, convince him to tell the truth. But when Todd reveals to Draz that it Anita came to him, Draz feels more betrayed. Anita tries to convince him that she's only trying to help him, she doesn't want to see him go to gaol for something he didn't even do. Her words have some effect and when Louie turns up at the workshop and issues a threat, Draz at last realises there's no honour in not talking. Louie gets arrested and Draz is off the hook. Todd too, comes to a realisation - that Anita is not coming back to him. The incident has brought Draz and Anita even closer and they decide to take the next step in their relationship and move in together.

A science lesson turns to discussion about the supernatural and the camps are divided. Tess bats strongly for the existence of ghosts while Zac thinks it's hogwash. Tess is hurt that Zac is making a joke of her beliefs but he explains that he's felt freaked out with all that stuff since his mum died. Tess is understanding but urges him to join her in a seance, it might help him to overcome his fears. Zac reluctantly agrees. Thania and Dennis join them and no one's taking things too seriously - until a spirit makes contact. It claims to have a message for 'Pookie'. Zac's face turns white - that was the nickname his mum gave him and no one else knows it. Zac freaks out. Tess is bewildered - she thinks it's great that Zac's mum has made contact. But Zac wants the past to stay there, he doesn't want to open up all those old wounds. He doesn't understand why Tess is so wrapped up in all this magic and spiritual stuff. He thinks she's avoiding living her life. When Tess discovers that the spirit was in fact bogus, she thinks about Zac's words and makes a decision about where she's headed.

Marc and the students are amused when they discover Carson practising lawn bowls. Marc shows Carson he has a talent for bocce, the Italian version of the sport, and soon finds himself enlisted as Carson's bowling partner in the inter-school lawn bowls competition. Marc is a good player, but Carson insists on running the game plan - he's older and wiser. But when the match comes down to the final, nail-biting moments, Carson finds he has to adopt a touch of youthful brashness to win the game.

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