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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 22
Season One

Rose shocks peers and teachers when she announces that she is pregnant. As she anticipates, the news has a huge impact on everybody but mostly on her father. He is distraught and concerned for Rose's future and reputation and cannot come to terms with her decision to keep the baby. Mr Malouf becomes increasingly frustrated when Rose refuses to tell him or anybody else who the father is. She struggles to keep control as speculation about the father mounts. Nick and Danielle rally around Rose, and take her back to the Poulos house until her dad finally concedes to have her home on her terms.

In a more frivolous moment, Stella teaches George to dance and they share a kiss and a fun night out together. Nick and Katerina are aware of the chemistry being generated between their parents and don't like it. The roles become reversed when Nick and Katerina go to great lengths to keep tabs on George and Stella who are behaving like a couple of teenagers.

Jodie is unaware that Con is becoming increasingly hung up on her and so doesn't realise the impact her pining for Nick has on him. Sleazebag McBridge of the studio works hard to come between them so he can have Jodie for himself.

Tension between gang members are alive and well at school and Ruby's. Nick, Danielle and Rose make up on one faction, white Steve and Katerina have chummied up with Rivers. Rivers is taking great pleasure in Nick's depleted power-base and, as usual, stirs up trouble where possible.

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