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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 23
Season One

Con pressures Jodie into entering "Starquest" as a contestant. Nick isn't too happy about the new direction their relationship seems to be taking. He accuses Con of taking advantage of Jodie while she is at a low point. Con is enraged and they almost come to blows.

Con talks to Greta, the power-dressing producer at "Rising Stars" into pulling strings so Jodie can be the last act. But during her final rehearsal, Jodie discovers the band won't play her music and are insisting she sticks to what she has been given. She walks out leaving Greta demanding Con come up with a new act. At the Poulos house, family and gang have gathered in front of the box and are stunned when Con arrives on the stage and sings an old Italian classic. His brave stunt has everyone won over from Greta to Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick has been training Danielle up for a job at the gym. His eagerness to see Danielle succeed only makes her feel worse when she doesn't get the job. Nick realises his mistake and tries to show he loves her no matter what.

When Katerina hears Rivers is failing history, she decides to help him out. She will make it worth his while to join her in a swatting session at the Poulos house. He's disappointed to discover Katerina is serious about study. She dares Rivers to break into the school and steal the exam paper. With Southgate lurking about, it is touch and go. Rivers gets the paper but in the end decides not to cheat. He fails the exam, but gets the girl.

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