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Heartbreak High

Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 26
Season One

Steve's parents are getting a divorce. It is through this process that Steve realises he is in the way of both parents getting on with their new lives. He is terribly hurt to realise that neither his mum nor his dad had figured him into their new lives. At the same time Rivers decides to move out of home. He's has had it with his well meaning but alcoholic mum, he wants a chance at life and knows she can't give it to him. Steve and Rivers decide to move out together and Jodie, who is open to a move, becomes interested in sharing with them. Jodie resents it when Nick tries to persuade her otherwise and moves in. They find a rundown old warehouse, with the help of Mack, and while the gang and friends are making the place liveable, Steve's father drops by. Steve vents his anger and it is Mack who makes him see his parent's side of the issue.

Christina has been deliberating Mack's invitation to go to Indonesia. Christina is on the horns of a dilemma, but finally decides to follow her heart and go with Mack. When the warehouse is habitable, everyone celebrates with a housewarming come farewell party. Christina and Mack say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Stella is worried by Katerina's romance with Rivers. Nick and Danielle are experiencing problems because they both know Nick still has feelings for Jodie.

George's nostalgia in the "old country" is rekindled when he helps Effie out with the project on her family's roots.

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Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High

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