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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 27
Season One

Steve is shocked to learn that he was adopted. Distraught and angry that his parents have kept the news from him, he rebuffs their attempts to explain. Jodie comforts and supports him and he wants to thank her. He steals some goods from the supermarket where he works stacking shelves at night, but is nabbed by his supervisor and the police are called. His dad comes to bail him out and they are able to resolve their feelings. Steve is touched when the gang have a surprise dinner for him and invite his father.

Nick tries to get back with Jodie. When she reminds him he already has a girlfriend, Nick breaks off with a distressed Danielle. Danielle blames Jodie and they end up fighting in class. Rose helps Danielle see that Jodie isn't to blame. Danielle, deciding not to lose Jodie as well as Nick, makes up with her. Meanwhile Katerina has told Nick that Jodie and Steve are an item and Jodie is angry when Nick chooses to believe this lie. Nick apologises and admits to his jealousy. Jodie invites him to the warehouse dinner for Steve but she makes no promises of getting back together with him.

Stella is terribly concerned when she discovers "the pill" in Katerina's room.This on top of Katerina's growing relationship with bad boy Peter Rivers. After mother and daughter row, Katerina moves into the warehouse.

George is made redundant and has no plans for a new job. Nick's concern for him becomes clear to George when Roberto visits to offer George a job. Later Nick tells George of a new part-time job he has taken on. George explains to Nick that he sees it as an exciting opportunity not something to regret or be frightened of. Nick understands.

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