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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 28
Season One

Steve befriends a stray dog. It follows him to school and Deloraine threatens to call the dog catcher if no claims it. Steve wants to, but Rivers and Jodie aren't keen on having a dog at the warehouse. The dog catcher is called. Jodie has a change of heart and joins the crazy last ditch attempt to save the dog but it gets dragged off to the pound. Steve breaks down on Southgate. He feels just like the dog, he doesn't belong to anyone. Southgate saves the dog for Steve.

Katerina is living at the warehouse. Stella distraught, tries to talk her into going to Greece. Rivers attempts to seduce Katerina but she resists. Rivers tries to sleaze onto Danielle instead and is caught by Katerina. Katerina , hurt and confused, confesses she is still a virgin. Katerina returns to Stella. They leave for Greece together.

Rivers gets up Nick's nose over the episode with Katerina. Tension at the Poulos house , motivates Nick to try and talk Katerina into coming home.

Danielle is still hurting over the breakup with Nick. She repairs her friendship with Steve but pushes Nick away when he tries to befriend her.

Jodie is moved when she overhears Nick talking about how much he still cares for her.

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