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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 3
Season One

Christina secures the establishment of a school soccer team by volunteering to coach it. While she is able to deflect the aggravation coming her way from Southgate, she finds herself in the hot seat when Danielle proposes to join the team and boys don't want a bit of it. The girls are annoyed by the boys' attitudes and Danielle is particularly angry with her boyfriend, Steve.

The boys are in deep water with the girls when Jodie hears that Nick failed to deny rumours that they are sleeping together. Danielle is vindicated when she gets into the team on merit and Con's apology for starting the rumours gets Nick and Jodie back on an even keel.

Nick wins more points with Jodie when she gets to record a demo thanks to his and Con's wheeling and dealing for an amplifier - despite the trouble they get into over it. Nick's efforts are rewarded when he gets a kiss from Jodie.

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