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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 31
Season One

Roberto and Helen are hurt when they learn that their eldest son, Rocco, is back from America but hasn't been in contact with them. Con is excited when Rocco surprises him with a visit at school, but he's mystified when Rocco asks him not to tell their parents that Con has seen him. Rocco desperately wants to prove to his parents that he is a success and has been trying to get buinessman Leo Fine to invest in a poolhall that Rocco wants to get up and running. Rocco is on top of the world when Leo agrees to the deal and, in prodigal son mode, returns home where there is a happy reunion. Tension about why Rocco left and the way he left resurfaces, however, and there is a real sense that these are feelings which need to be resolved.

Nick and Con accompany Rocco on one of his visits to Leo's gym. Boxer Tony Monroe challenges Nick to a spar and everybody is surprised when Nick wins. Nick, basking in the glow, decides he should follow it up with some more sparring despite Helen and Roberto's concerns. Nick talks Southgate into coaching him.

Rivers suspended, is not intending to return to school. Sam, feeling partly to blame but also concerned for Rivers' future, makes an effort to get him to change his mind. She sets him homework and rebuffs sexual advances but there is no denying the sexual chemistry between them.

Lucy is impressed when Steve cooks her a special dinner. Afterwards he shares revelations about his parents and his adoption. Lucy offers to help Steve find his birth mother.

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