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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 32
Season One

Steve is devastated when he discovers there is a veto on contacting his birth mother. Feeling hurt and rejected, he decides to track her down anyway. When the woman he believes is his mother hangs up on the telephone, he goes to her house and demands that she talk to him. The police have to come and take Steve away. They make him aware that he has broken the law but the couple are not charging him. Steve turns to Lucy for support. He decides to put the search behind him.

Rivers, still suspended, visits his Dad in jail and is talked into asking to be allowed back to school. Things haven't had time to settle down for him when he learns from Yola and Policeman Joe that his father is being transferred to a country prison. Angry and frustrated, Rivers storms out and ends up in a fight with Nick. It's the last straw for Rivers. After reading a very moving essay about Rivers' life that he wrote for her, Sam feels compelled to find him and encourage him to stay at school but Rivers' strange behaviour indicates he could be leaving for good. However, he turns up at school the next day and makes up his mind to stay, after he hears a touching apology from Nick.

Yola and Policeman Joe Lawrence are thrown together over the Rivers issue and again because of Steve's arrest. They have an easy rapport and are attracted to one another. He joins her for dinner at the flat and just when things are getting cosy, his beeper goes off and he has to leave.

Effie receives a love letter from Bartholomew which embarrasses her because he is the class dag. She likes him, however, and rises above her peer group pressure and ends up responding with a kiss.

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