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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 33
Season One

Deloraine is honoured when Hartley is selected to host the high profile Education Awards. It concerns him, however, that the visibly pregnant Rose, as a class captain, will be taking part in the event. When Rose faints in class, Deloraine encourages Sam to suggest Correspondence School to Rose. Rose, hurt, tells Sam that everyone is embarrassed to have her around, they just want to get rid of her. Sam denies this and then feels betrayed by Deloraine when she learns about the Education Awards. Deloraine is adamant, Rose isn't a suitable role model and can't be involved with the Awards. Rose, devastated, is supported by the other class captains and Sam, and they are able to reverse Deloraine's decision. This decision outrages the P & C who go the Regional Director. Deloraine is then told that the Awards will be withdrawn from Hartley if he insists upon Rose's involvement. Sam is surprised when Deloraine decides to stand by Rose. Just as Deloraine is about to speak his mind to the Regional Director, Rose, who has been going through her own crisis of conscience, decides to step down as captain.

Con's enthusiasm about a new sound course that he wants to do, is only marginally overshadowed by his excitement as he goes about helping Rocco with the opening night of the poolhall. Con accepts it when Roberto tells him they can't afford to give him the money for the sound course this year. However, Con confronts Roberto in a rage when he later learns that Roberto has just lent Rocco a large sum of money. Con, sick of Rocco's needs always coming first, rips down all the posters advertising the poolhall, and then comes to blows with Rocco in the poolhall. Con knows Rocco is having problems and he is sick of Rocco acting like he's always on top of everything. Con relents when Rocco finally admits to needing help. Tension released and feelings resolved, Con, Roberto and Rocco work together on making the opening night a huge success for Rocco.

Yola and Joe's relationship experiences a hiccough when she responds with scepticism after his job prevents him from keeping a date with her. She feels dreadful when she discovers that he was, in fact, attending a fatal car accident. After an awkward apology they agree to try again.

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