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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 34
Season One

Steve thinks he's being followed. He discovers it's actually his birth mother, Larraine, who's been tailing him. (Steve contacted her for the first time a few weeks prior). Steve discovers it was Lucy who contacted Larraine and told her where her son lived. Steve is angry at first with Lucy's interference, but when Larraine shows up at the warehouse, mother and son make the first tentative steps towards getting to know each other. Some of Steve's pain about being adopted is finally eased.

Rocco gives Con a job at the pool hall, but then offers it to Jodie when he hears she needs some money. Despite Rocco's arguments that a woman is better for business, Con is hurt and implies his brother's actions are a result of interest in Jodie. Rocco denies this, and at first Nick refuses to believe it. Jodie is annoyed to discover she has taken Con's job and wants to resign, until Rocco comes up with the solution that she and Con job share. Nick's suspicions about Rocco's attraction to Jodie grows.

Rivers keeps forcing his attentions on-Sam, which she endures with a smile. He gives her advice on repairing her bike and they end up exchanging small gifts, becoming closer all the time. Yola picks up on the friendship and warns Sam about letting it develop into anything more. Sam is furious when Rivers actually takes her bike without permission to work on it, but is impressed by what he's done to it. They enjoy a ride on it together, and finally, unable to deny their feelings for each other any longer, make love.

Yola discovers a photograph of a woman and child in Joe's wallet and her suspicions are aroused when he appears reluctant to explain who they are. Joe eventually reveals the woman is an old friend and the child is not his. He did have a relationship with the woman once, but it's long over. His reluctance to explain to Yola stemmed from the fact that he still feels he doesn't know her that well yet. They decide they need to spend some quality time together, getting to know each other, but the trouble is, they can never find a time when they're both free.

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