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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 35
Season One

Con and the gang are shocked when Con is discovered to have drugs on him during a police raid on a party at the warehouse. Con is convinced the cops have set him up, and is hurt to learn his father doesn't believe he is innocent. Steve insists the police never had a chance to plant anything on him. Even Rocco doesn't believe Con. Con hits the depths of despair. Nick is the only one who still believes him and takes on the job of proving Con's innocence. They try identifying possible suspects, and come up with Bolton. Bolton reveals a girl at the party, Tanya, offered him drugs given to her by Lucy's ex-boyfriend, Alexander (a law student) who was also there. Lucy extracts a confession from Alexander that the planted the drugs on con but he won't confess. They track down Tanya to see if she witnessed anything. She didn't, but Lucy bluffs Alexander into believing there is a witness, and he agrees to tell the police the truth. Con is let off the hook.

Nick prepares for the rematch with Tony Monroe. However, with Con in trouble, he doesn't apply himself fully to his training schedule, leading to arguments with Southgate about lack of commitment. Southgate informs Nick that he's not prepared to keep coaching him. Southgate reveals he's got problems of his own to deal with - his wife has just asked for a divorce. Jodie pleads with Southgate not to let Nick down. Nick is losing the fight, until Southgate turns up in time to give him the guidance he needs to win.

Sam and Rivers continue their secret relationship. Yola becomes suspicious when Rivers visits Sam late at night, on a flimsy pretext. She forces a confession from Sam that they do have feelings for each other, but believes Sam when she denies it is a sexual relationship. Yola tells Sam she must put an end to the relationship. Sam tries to tell Rivers just this, until passion gets the better of them.Yola accidently discovers them in bed. Yola and Joe finally consummate their relationship.

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