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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 36
Season One

Despite Yola's warning, Sam and Rivers continue their secret affair. Yola advises Sam to end it or resign from school. Sam finds this very difficult because she's in love with her poetrywriting boyfriend, who is so besotted he can't even see any danger signs. Rose can't help noticing the lovers' behaviour and she secretly tells Sam she's supportive. Sam tries to end it with Rivers, but they can't control their feelings for each other. They make love again and are caught by Bonnie, Rivers' mother, who reports the relationship to Deloraine. Deloraine immediately asks for Sam's resignation and advises her, for Rivers' sake, to end it. Sam, to be cruel to be kind, tells the devastated Rivers that she never loved him and leaves, without him seeing how distraught she is.

Nick is hailed a champion by his family, his schoolmates and the local paper. However, he is shaken by the sight of his ex-opponent, Tony Monroe, acting crazily as a result of delayed concussion. Jodie is scared that Nick will end up like Tony and researches brain damage. Horrified by her findings and unable to influence Nick, she appeals to Rocco for help. Rocco is supportive. Meanwhile, Leo wants to manage Nick as a professional boxer. Nick is tempted and refuses Jodie's warning to take the brain damage issue seriously. Jodie cries on Rocco's shoulder. Nick misinterprets a tender moment between Rocco and Jodie and is also given an ultimatum by Jodie: he and Jodie are no longer lovers if Nick continues to box. Angered, Nick accepts Leo's offer and receives $1,000 for starters.

Effie and Bart's cat gets stuck up a tree. Bart rescues it, but is scared of heights and has to be rescued by Joe.

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