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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 37
Season One

Nick refuses to believe his relationship with Jodie is over and gives her a locket as a sign of his love. Jodie is torn, her feelings compromised by Nick's refusal to give up boxing, and because of her growing attraction to Rocco. Con witnesses a kiss between Jodie and Rocco, but is unsure if it is innocent or more, doesn't tell Nick. Rocco makes a play for Jodie, offering her the chance to audition for a band, revealing he will accompany them as tour manager on an overseas tour. Jodie gets the job as back up singer. Her decision to go is made when Nick, trying to talk her around, decks Rocco. He is mortified, but it is too late. Nick learns of Con's deception and wants nothing to do with him. He has lost his best mate and his girlfriend.

Leo convinces Nick he can easily beat his opponent, Kovsky - he points him out. The guy seems hopeless. Roberto and Southgate are furious to learn of Nick's deal with Leo Fine, but Nick won't be talked out of going ahead with his fight, even when Southgate quits as coach. Trying to stop the fight, Southgate seeks out Leo Fine. Kovksy happens to be pointed out to him - it's not the same guy Leo showed Nick. This guy is good. Not knowing the fight is a set up, Southgate believes Nick is fooling himself he can win. Nick refuses to be convinced. He's heading for a nasty fall.

Deloraine's office gets trashed and a well-loved poetry book is stolen. Rivers is the prime suspect, considering his resentment of Deloraine for forcing Sam's resignation. Deloraine had told Sam how much the book meant to him - he's sure Rivers would have known this and is getting revenge. Rivers isn't charged, but Deloraine is convinced he is the culprit and tries dealing with the situation by being cruel to be kind - telling Rivers Sam never loved him, she was only using him. Rivers refuses to believe it, furious with Deloraine for denying their love. Rivers taunts Deloraine, implying he does know what's happened to the book. Deloraine has a change of heart when Yola points out the motivation for Rivers behaviour: the only true love he's ever known has been taken away by Deloraine. The two bond when they help Rose give birth. Rivers returns the book, saying he found it in a second hand shop. Deloraine gives it to him, finally telling him Sam did love him.

Rose is putting off making plans for the arrival of her baby. The matter is brought to a head when Jack asks to be at the birth of his child. Her belief that she has plenty of time to prepare is shattered when she goes into labour in the science lab, whilst on detention. After various mishaps, the baby is born without complications. Rose names her daughter Tess.

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