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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 38
Season One

Nick, with Con and the other kids' aid, refuses to give in and embarks on a mission to win Jodie back. He bombards her with romantic gestures, culminating in a spectacular romantic serenade. Instead of feeling tugs at the heartstrings, Jodie feels humiliated. Compared with Nick's behaviour, Rocco seems more mature and stable. When Nick accuses Rocco of just exploiting Jodie, Rocco counters with a proposal of marriage. There's a bittersweet goodbye between them. Nick admits he's scared, but will still go ahead with the fight. Waiting for her flight, Jodie watches the fight and sees Nick getting thrashed. She realises she wants to be with him, not Rocco, and apologising to a heartbroken Rocco, flees the airport. She gets to the boxing match in time for Nick to see her and spur him on to victory. However, everyone is devastated when Nick's victory turns to tragedy as he suddenly collapses in the ring. WILL NICK PULL THROUGH?

Robert attempts to get Nick to give up boxing, but to no avail. He pleads with Southgate to help Nick, and save him from being seriously injured in the ring. Southgate is persuaded to change his mind about coaching Nick. Meanwhile, Nick is clearly suffering from serious headaches, dizziness and the like, but doesn't tell anyone. Con comes to Nick's aid by arranging Steve and Lucy to secretly video his opponent Kovsky fighting at the gym. Nick realises Leo has set him up - the real Kovsky is not the guy Leo pointed out to him. He's much better. Southgate gives Nick advice on how to deal with Kovsky, pointing out his weaknesses. The tragic result of Nick hiding his medical condition is his collapse in the ring after snatching victory from Kovsky.

Rose's joy with her newborn child soon turns to confusion when Jack, carried away by the event and dreams of a family, proposes he and Rose get back together again. Rose points out they'd be doing it for the wrong reasons - just for the sake of their child. That's no basis for a relationship. They come to an arrangement that Jack will have unlimited access, but this is marred by her father's refusal to let Jack anywhere near the baby. Feeling the pressure from all sides, Rose runs away with baby Tess to the warehouse. Meanwhile, Yola helps Rose's father to deal with his attitudes towards Jack and Rose's pregnancy. He's risking losing his daughter and granddaughter. A happy resolution with Mr Malouf agreeing to let Jack see Tess whenever he wants.

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