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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 39
Season Two


Summer is over and school is back at Hartley High, but things are different. Under all the hustle and excitement, there is an undercurrent of unresolved grief and guilt over Nick's death.

When new Media teacher, Vic Morris, sets a video assignment for the students on the things they did during the summer, all the tensions over Nick's death rise to the surface. As the interviewer, new student Matt Logan, soon discovers, many of Nick's friends - such as Rose, Danielle and Steve, are keen to remember the good and bad sides of knowing Nick. Con is less forthcoming: he thinks Vic and Matt should leave the gang alone and not probe the feelings they cannot understand. At first Jodie and Southgate also oppose the video: in her unresolved grief, Jodie holds Southgate responsible for Nick's death - Southgate blames himself too.

The still-grieving Jodie runs away to visit the "special" spot she shared with Nick. Proving that he can be both cheeky and sensitive, Matt "borrows" Uncle Jim's car to go and rescue her. After he arrives, Matt gets Jodie to open up about Nick. Jodie acknowledges Nick's death was not Southgate's fault.

Jodie decides to be interviewed for the video, as does Con. Effie and finally Southgate talks about Nick and his death in front of the camera and the class. In the end, through its exploration of fond memories, happy times and poignant moments, the video unites Hartley High.

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