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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 4
Season One

Nick and Jodie sleep together for the first time. Back at the Poulos house, Nick's parents are worried sick when he fails to come home for the night. George is far from happy to learn Nick has spent the night with a girl, but Ireni brings him around to seeing Nick is no longer their little boy, but a man. They invite Jodie to dinner.

Christina's inexperience leads to her poor handling of a situation between Rivers and two policemen. The incident prompts her to contrast her life with that of her students. She decides to move in with Yola to be closer to the school in both location and lifestyle.

When Christina lets the policemen take Rivers, Southgate intervenes. He recognises and relates to Rivers vulnerability in the situation, sticks by him and sees Rivers is let off with a warning. The tension between Christina and Southgate builds, but when she learns about Rivers' background, it gives her new respect for the way Southgate handled it all.

We see both Con and Rivers interest in Chaka when she is worried about her involvement in the Rivers incident.

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