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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 40
Season Two

After a thrashing from Rivers and the Police Boys club basketball team, the Hartley High guys decide they want an official school team. Yola is "volunteered" as coach, but she's hopeless. The guys are hurt to learn Vic used to be a star player but despite their pleas and even Deloraine's, he won't coach them. He suggests they need Rivers on the team first, having noticed their ostracising of him. The guys have to woo him onto the team, which Rivers exploits to the full. Resentment amongst some of the guys builds, leading to arguments with those who don't blame Vic for his refusal. There's a walk out of Vic's class, followed by a fight where Matt gets a bloody nose defending Vic's fight to do what he wants. Southgate gives them a lecture about respecting a teacher's privacy. Vic realises his attitude is affecting his teaching, the guys thinking he believes they're not worth coaching, and explains his refusal. He feels responsible for the deaths of a couple of players on a team he coached in the country. He hasn't coached since. But he sees the needs of the kids are greater, and, rather than letting them give up on a team, offers himself as coach. Suspicions of Matt being Deloraine's nephew are also resolved.

Rose brings Tess to school as her aunt is sick, and the gang help her hide the baby until Deloraine learns about it. The finger is pointed at Matt, as Deloraine's nephew, but he strenuously denies it. The other kids become aware Rose no longer has time for a social life, after homework and baby minding. They offer to babysit Tess so she can have a night out with Jack. Much mayhem and chaos as they deal with a crying baby. Inspired by Vic's speech about the importance of knowing about your cultural heritage, Rose has realised she has neglected addressing the vietnamese side of Tess' background, and talks to Jack about Vietnamese ceremonies, traditions and so on that she should perform for Tess.

Lucy confesses to Danielle she's finally feeling ready to sleep with Steve, but is unsure how to go about the seduction. They decide advice from another guy might be helpful, but Con unfortunately gets the wrong idea, thinking they're interested in him. Con gives them all sorts of outrageous advice, which Lucy in turn tries, much to Steve's horror. Con is disappointed to finally realise they weren't after him at all. He turns the tables on the girls, giving them even more ludicrous advice. The misunderstandings are finally sorted out and Steve and Lucy both agree they're ready to consummate their relationship.

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