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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 41
Season Two

Life is never simple for Con: his Greek Grandmother has come to live with his family, he resents the attention Matt is paying to "Nick's" Jodie, and the Hartley Highflyers are in crisis - they are not working as a team.

A bad time gets worse when Vic lines up a game to show the Highflyers the value of teamwork: the guys play the girls ... and lose! It is too much for the guys - they decide they want to quit basketball. Vic asks the girls to come to the rescue: they convince the guys to play again, so they won't go down in history as the guys who lost their last game to a girl's team.

As the guys prepare for another game (against guys) Con's grandmother begins sorting out her world: she moves into a retirement village, and she convinces her grandson that he should allow Jodie to get on with her life - let her be friends with Matt.

Con, Matt and the guys are shocked when they go on court to play the game: their opponents are giants. But, with their new-found sense of team work, the Hartley Highflyers triumph.

As in sport, so in life, the Highflyers are not the only people who are closer than before: Steve and Lucy finally consummate their relationship, and Tess is welcomed into Jack's family through a Baby Welcoming Ceremony.

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