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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 42
Season Two

The gang are outraged when two local policemen stop them on their way to school to ask questions and end up getting heavy with the kids. The gang decide to make their media documentary on Police harrassment. Led by Matt, the media class storm the local Police Station and news of the event gets back to Deloraine who then bawls Vic out, telling him to fix things or the Media class will be axed. Vic talks to the class about bias in the media and points out that their video only presents one side of the argument. Yola arranges for her Police boyfriend, Joe, to come in and talk to the class. They talk him into letting them film him on the job which gets him into deep trouble when the kids are exposed to danger whilst filming. When the gang hear of Joe's plight, they re-edit the footage and give it to Joe, who shows it to his superiors. The Police are impressed with the documentary and take it on as a community information film.

After Steve discovers Lucy is on the pill, he suggests that they stop using condoms but Lucy won't hear of it. Lucy is concerned that they don't know enough about each other's sexual histories. Steve confesses to his past but Lucy won't however, and throws doubts on Steve's belief that he was Danielle's first lover. Steve is shocked when Danielle admits that she lied to him about sleeping with her first boyfriend. Lucy finally admits to her concerns about past partner, Alex, who she dumped after learning he was mixing with a rough crowd who did drugs. Neither can be confident that they haven't put the other at risk. They have AIDS tests and are relieved when the test results come back negative.

Rivers, in love with Ros, the girl who works in the local Deli, insists on baby sitting Tess when he learns from Jack that babies attract women like a magnet. It seems to be working like a charm until Ros, so impressed with how Rivers relates to children, asks him to babysit her son while she and her boyfriend go out together.

Danielle desperately wants to be reporter for the media class team and Vic gives her the encouragement she needs to audition. She impresses everybody with her commitment and style and wins the job hands down.

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