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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 43
Season Two

Vic is clearly shaken when a man from his home town turns up at the school wanting to talk. Matt is surprised by Vic's angry reaction and his refusal to hear Bob out. Vic attempts to forget about Bob's visit and throws himself into coaching the boys for the big basketball final, but Bob returns, determined that Vic should know that the town want him back. When Matt tears off in Con's car for a drag race, Vic finds himself reliving his nightmare. He manages to stop the race at the last minute, drags Matt out of the car in a rage and bawls him out. Matt knows enough about Vic's past to recognise why he is so upset and in the heat of the moment pushes Vic into confessing the guilt he feels over the accident involving his brother and Bob's son. Matt and Vic acknowledge that they have to face their demons and it is at this time that Vic makes his decision to go back to his home town.

Matt, meanwhile has been targeted on court by infamous Glover High School bully, Noppin. The big game is called off after it disintegrates into a brawl for which Matt is blamed. Matt is enraged when Deloraine dresses him down and compares him to his father and although Matt's team members can see he was being harrassed, there is a sense that he should have known how to deal with it. Everyone is rapt when Vic organises a rematch but Matt's confidence has been undermined and he has trouble performing at practice. When the team take a vote on who should be dropped from the team to make way for reserve player, Stretch, Matt walks out. Moments later he is goaded into a drag race by Noppin, which Vic stops. Vic gives Matt advice on how to deal with Noppin which Matt puts into play during the rematch. Hartley wins the rematch and Matt has regained his confidence.

Rose is hurt to discover Jack has a new girlfriend. Rose has never really imagined him with anyone else but her and is confused by how she feels about it. Jack is surprised by Rose's strange behaviour when he introduces her to Kathleen. Later Jack explains that Kathleen is just a friend. Nothing more. Rose and Jack agree they should both feel free to see other people but there is a sense that neither are really happy about the arrangement.

Privacy becomes an issue for Steve and Lucy who find every romantic moment becomes a family affair at the warehouse.

Danielle's school girl crush on Vic becomes more obvious. He gently lets her down.

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