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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 44
Season Two

Living with Deloraine is driving Matt up the wall and he drops hints about moving out. Deloraine says how much likes having Matt around - he's been lonely since his wife died. Jodie tells Matt that Deloraine needs a girlfriend. He'd be begging Matt to leave then. Matt susses out what Deloraine considers his ideal woman to be and he and Jodie scan the personal columns for descriptions that come close. They arrange to meet several of the women, in order to find the most ideal candidate, Matt coming up with an excuse to explain why Deloraine is not there to meet them. After several unlikely prospects, they find someone suitable. Matt engineers for the two to meet. Deloraine is annoyed about the interference in his personal life, but takes Matt's point about his need for privacy and permits him to move into the warehouse.

Danielle's mother, Suzi, comes to Southgate about her daughter's school marks. Suzi appreciates Southgate's dedication, and seeks his help again when Danielle is asked to audition as a reporter for a new television show. If she gets the job, it will mean leaving school. Southgate talks to Danielle about staying until her exams, but she won't give up her big chance. She gets the job, but is upset to learn that instead of doing serious reporting, she'll just be doing lightweight stories. Southgate advises her not to settle for second best. Danielle decides not to take the job. Suzi expresses her gratitude to Southgate. This could be the start of something between them.

Con helps Rose with a science assignment, feeling sorry for her because she has so little time for homework with a baby. He's also hoping that working with her might help improve his own bad marks. As they spend time together, they each see a new side of the other. Comments on the shift in their relationship are hotly denied, until an accidental kiss surprises them both.

Yola becomes jealous of Joe's emotional ties to his ex-girlfriend Annie, when he turns up unexpectedly with her son Nathan one night. Nathan leads Yola to believe that Joe is still sleeping with Annie, and this appears to be confirmed when Annie shows up on her doorstep, ordering her to stop breaking up their little family. Joe insists he and Annie are not lovers, but Yola points out he's still clearly got strong feelings for Annie, whether they're sleeping together or not. She's not prepared to play second fiddle. Annie returns to apologise. She couldn't bear the thought of losing Joe as a substitute husband/father, but he has made it clear what he feels for Yola. A happy resolve for them.

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