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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 45
Season Two

Danielle's mum, Suzie, needs a change in her life. But things become difficult when she chooses to go on a date with Bill Southgate. Danielle is mortified, but accepts her mother's choice. Suzie's other daughter, Nicole, and her separated husband, Geoff, feel otherwise. They plot to make things stay as they are; he tries to lure Suzie back by building her a boat, and Nicole makes an ill fated attempt to send her parents on a blind date with each other.

Pete Rivers is also in emotional turmoil when his 18th birthday is ignored by everyone. A bad thing gets worse for Rivers when it seems he is being evicted from the warehouse as well. Rivers is convinced his new flat mate, Matt, is trying to kick him out. Matt and the others can't tell Rivers the real reason for their behaviour: they are planning a surprise party.

Life at Heartbreak High becomes even more complicated when Con enters Tess in a beautiful baby competition. Rose is convinced that Con sees her child as just another way to make quick money - never suspecting that the money is for her.

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