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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 46
Season Two

Nicole makes her mother's affair with Southgate public knowledge at the school. She also tells her father about the affair despite Danielle's attempts at damage control. Worried about the affect he's having on the girls, Southgate offers to call the relationship off, but Suzie is insistent she still wants to see him. The news of a new man in his wife's life causes Geoff to increase his efforts to win her back, leaving Suzie feeling torn and confused. Nicole's attacks on Southgate continue. He decides the only way the relationship can continue without causing more pain for the Miller girls is for him to transfer schools. Suzie, however, is shocked by this proposal, and Southgate realises their relationship is on shaky ground. Suzie has obviously not resolved her feelings for her husband. Both come to the conclusion that there is no future for them and agree to end the relationship. A bittersweet farewell.

Deloraine insists Matt return to live with him. Matt refuses, getting a job at the pool hall to pay the rent. Deloraine even resorts to bribery to get his nephew to move back, but Matt resists. However, problems with living at the warehouse start to arise for Matt. He endures unbearable sexual tension with Jodie, which also spills over into his work at the pool hall, causing Con great annoyance. Matt and Jodie's tentative relationship reaches a crisis, when stranded with a broken down car, they kiss, before Jodie runs off. Jodie explains her fear of getting involved again, but Matt is frustrated in his attempts to help her deal with this, unable to deny his feelings for her. No longer able to cope with living with Jodie, Matt decides to take up Deloraine's bribery after all.

Con organises a romantic dinner for himself and Rose. Helen is concerned about her son going out with someone who already has a child. Rose detects her disapproval and the two women discuss the matter. Helen airs her worries that Con will miss out on his youth by inheriting the responsibilities of looking after a child. Rose reassures Helen. She isn't sure what's happening between her and Con now, let alone consider the future. Con finally forces Rose to admit she is short sighted and needs glasses.

A new shower curtain is erected at the warehouse and Rivers discovers it is seethrough. Rather than warn his flatmates, he makes the most of the opportunity, until he is discovered and they teach him a lesson in perving - taking a photo of him in the shower and putting it up all over school.

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