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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 47
Season Two

Lucy's mother's fiancee, Jerry Shapiro, starts making sexual advances towards Lucy, affecting her relationship with Steve. Suddenly she can't bear his touch. Unfortunately, Shapiro's status as a figure of national importance means that the credibility of Lucy's accusations is compromised. Her mother refuses to believe her, and even Steve wonders at first if she isn't mistaken. Arguments ensue amongst the gang about sexist politics. Steve tries confronting Shapiro, but such is the man's charm and gift of the gab, that Steve leaves almost liking the guy. The gang all pitch in with potential solutions. They approach Joe and Yola, but their reluctance to provide names and details, because they have no evidence apart from Lucy's word to back up their accusations, means that neither adult can help. Their only hope of snaring Jerry is to acquire evidence of his lechery. Danielle is used as "bait" and Shapiro is caught in the act on video. Lucy's mother must finally accept the truth and Shapiro is sent packing, much to Lucy's relief.

Yola discovers she is pregnant and shares the news with a stunned Joe. Whilst Yola is over the moon about it, Joe is more reticent. He doesn't appear ready for such a monumental change in his life. Yola detects his attitude and wonders what the problem is. Isn't he prepared to make such a commitment? Joe explains that he has felt left out of the decision. Yola has never talked about having children before and now she's embracing the idea of a family without talking to him. Once the shock subsides, however, Joe is just as thrilled as Yola and the two begin to plan their future together with a child.

Southgate sets a science assignment to be done in pairs. Rivers and Steve will work together, whilst Matt and Jodie find themselves stuck with each other. Rivers gets annoyed when Steve, busy with Lucy's problems, doesn't do any of the work. Rivers is incensed when they are given a good mark and Southgate attributes it all to Steve. Meanwhile, Matt and Jodie have difficulty working together at first but are united in their common need to get a good mark and end up working well together, putting the friction between them aside.

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