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Episode Summary
Heartbreak High Episode 48
Season Two

In contrast to her jubilation about her pregnancy last episode, Yola, prompted by the sight of an harrassed mother, panics about the future. Suddenly, having a child seems like a bad idea. She's not ready for motherhood, she can't see how she can combine her career with a baby. Her feelings alienate Joe, who has come around to looking forward to starting a family. They argue. Joe attempts a reconciliation, telling Yola that the most important thing in his life is her. If she really doesn't feel ready to go ahead with the pregnancy, that's fine with him - her happiness is the most important thing to him. Joe's love and understanding helps Yola change her mind about having the child. However, their newly restored happiness is shattered when Joe is fatally shot whilst on duty. Yola is devastated by her loss.

Con's belief that he and Rose could have a future together is soon undermined when Tess becomes sick and is rushed to hospital. Jack's presence and support of Rose makes Con feel usurped and pushed aside. The crisis brings Jack and Rose closer. Rose sees his caring, gentle nature in a new light as he cares for his baby daughter. Con can see what's happening and comes to realise there will be no place in Rose's life for him. It hurts to know he's lost her before he ever really had her. With Jack and Rose's relationship rekindled, Jack finally declares his real feelings for Rose. He still loves her and wants to marry her. Rose is astounded by the proposal.

Matt and Jodie are finally about to acknowledge their feelings for each other and kiss, when Jodie's sister, Karen, a human whirlwind, arrives to stay. She instantly has her eye on Matt and makes all sorts of not so subtle moves on him, driving Jodie crazy. This is compounded by the fact that no-one else at the warehouse has a problem with her, no matter that she's a free loading slob. Guys can always forgive a cute girl. Jodie's reluctance to admit her attraction to matt is her undoing. Fighting for him is not her style, which leads Matt to believe she's not as interested as he first thought, leading him to respond to Karen's attentions. The final straw comes when Matt asks Jodie if it's alright if he goes out with her sister. Jodie is torn. She wants to tell Matt what she really feels, but the other part of her is hurt and jealous. So she tells Matt he's free to do what he wants, which is not the answer he was hoping for, and ends up kicking herself for doing so.

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